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industrial incubator| Oldest Incubator Producers Around the World

industrial incubator : The incubator is called an isolated, standard enclosure, where conditions similar to that of the mother bird have been created to convert the hatching egg to the chick at a given time. He invented the first incubator, the details of which included a wooden box, hot water and a curtain, and the method of doing so was to first pour some warm water into the box and then put a cloth some distance away. Incubation was started on the water and laying eggs on the cloth and closing the chamber.

industrial incubator| Oldest Incubator Producers Around the World

Find and buy incubator equipment in bulk

Find and buy incubator equipment in bulk egg incubator : How does an incubator work? In the nature of the mother bird, when laying or sleeping on the eggs, it performs appropriate conditions for temperature, humidity and oxygenation, and rotates the eggs using its beak. In today’s hatching machines, the same special conditions apply to the conversion of hatching eggs to chickens, including:

  •  Sufficient and uniform temperature
  •  Sufficient and uniform humidity
  •  Automatically rotate the eggs
  •  Proper ventilation inside the machine

The principles and procedures of incubators have been the same since the past, but there are differences in their details and structure, such as the ancient Egyptians burning animal manure and the Chinese by burning paraffin, oil and alcohol. They were able to supply the heat needed by the incubator. Today’s incubators are also designed and manufactured using the same principles, even though they use electricity to provide heat and humidity. Depending on the needs of consumers, these devices are manufactured and offered in different sizes and capacities.

What equipment does a industrial egg incubator need?

What equipment does a industrial egg incubator need?commercial poultry incubators for sale : This website is the main center and official online store of this industry group in supplying, introducing and selling incubator of this factory. The body of the large industrial incubator is a sandwich panel type and is made of double-walled ABS sheet, the middle sheet of which is a highly resistant insulator with a density of 40.

The heat needed to keep the incubators warm is provided in various ways, the simplest being the bubble lamp, and the advanced equipment uses thermal elements to supply the heat required by the device. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Bulb: This is a very common and cost-effective method, but the problems with using bulbs are the possibility of failure in frequent disconnections and the impact of moisture inside the compartment on the useful life of the bulb.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Thermal Element: This method is quite reliable because the temperature inside the chamber is frequently controlled by embedded thermostats and the possibility of burning the device is very low, devices that use thermal elements to provide internal heat. Incubators benefit from higher prices than other devices. But heat supply alone is not enough; more important than heat supply is heat regulation, since the slightest change in temperature inside the chamber will change the process of chickens. Heat control is a simple, yet crucial factor in the incubation process.

How big are industrial egg incubators?

How big are industrial egg incubators?industrial incubator space : The heat required during the incubation period is 35-40 ° C, but on average it is attempted to maintain the temperature of the enclosure at 38 ° C, so that if the temperature is kept below 35 ° C the chicks will have a few days off. They come out sooner than the egg, and if the temperature is above 40 degrees C, the chicks come out a few days earlier. Therefore, the temperature inside the incubator should be monitored regularly by the thermostat and any temperature changes rapidly controlled, this process is called so-called temperature keeping.

What is sufficient and uniform moisture? The eggshell has pores to deliver oxygen to the chicks, and this causes the moisture inside the egg to evaporate due to the heat created inside the device, the amount of water evaporating within the egg depends on the moisture inside the hatchery, so that If the moisture inside the machine is lower, it will cause more water to evaporate inside the egg, which will make the bag inside the egg larger, thereby bringing the chick closer to the egg wall, eventually causing the chick to come out of the egg sooner.

 On the contrary, it also causes the chick to come out late in the egg, which means that if the moisture inside the machine is higher, it will prevent the ideal egg from evaporating and take longer to convert. So the more moisture inside the machine, the longer the chickens will hatch.

What is the best type of industrial egg incubator?

What is the best type of industrial egg incubator?industrial business incubator : Industrial incubator is a type of germ incubator that is designed and manufactured industrially, the difference between industrial and domestic incubators is greater in their capacity and dimensions. Generally, any hatchery with a capacity of more than 100 to 120 chickens hatched is called an industrial incubator, but these industrial incubators, from 120 to its superhigh dimensions, are much larger, such as 10,000. And even more are made.

Industrial incubators are designed and manufactured by many factories around the world, but only factories that have stepped up to the world with state-of-the-art technology have updated their devices with less technology, These are the factories that produce advanced industrial incubators.

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