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chicken incubators with automatic turner| Advantages of using automatic incubators

Most buyers of chicken incubators with automatic turner are urban and rural entrepreneurs who use an incubator to create family jobs and produce organic and indigenous products. The DQ100 is one of the most popular devices in terms of capacity. This incubator has the highest capacity in the category of domestic machines and the lowest capacity in the category of incubators using poultry farms.Easy to use, and without any complexity in the intelligent control system, makes people unfamiliar with the state-of-the-art technology easily work with this product. Floating wheels that are fixed underneath the unit make it easy to transport.

chicken incubators with automatic turner| Advantages of using automatic incubators

How does an egg incubator work?

How does an egg incubator work?An incubator is an interesting tool for hatching of all kinds of birds and reptiles, but in order to be successful and efficient in hatching you need to have the necessary training on how to work with the incubator and find the right conditions for it. Incubate different birds. Each hatching machine must perform the following four basic actions correctly to convert as many eggs as possible:

  • Supply temperature
  • Providing moisture
  • Spin the eggs
  •  air conditioning

In incubators, the temperature is supplied by refractory elements, and the process of heat generation is carried out by artificial intelligence of the device, you just have to give the desired temperature to the sensors by measuring the temperature inside the device and comparing it. Calculate the amount of heat produced by the elements at the desired temperature, given that the eggs will enter a warm environment from a cold environment, so the heat generation process will be carried out slowly so as not to damage the germs. Do not hurry to reach the desired temperature.

What does automatic tuner do in an incubator?

What does automatic tuner do in an incubator?Incubators have different types depending on the number of eggs laid. There are also hundreds and hundreds of thousands of fertilized eggs used in the hatchery and marketed in the modern era.The tuner is a tool to help you tune the incubator. Some professionals, although hearing can find the right tuning for the incubator, but still prefer to use a tuner because it gives them high accuracy.The fully automatic egg incubator and incubator for egg hatching can be made from:

  • Authorized dealers of these products
  • Wholesale of all types of incubators
  • Sites selling these products

Are automatic incubators so expensive?

Are automatic incubators so expensive?Important factors in the price of automatic incubators include:

  • Incubation board
  • Incubation shoulders
  • Dedicated incubation engine
  • Valid incubator warranty and daily support
  • Compliance with tax laws and legal licenses

In general, quality parts and upgrades must always be used to buy a quality incubator and product, which is reasonable in return for the extra quality paid.You should ask your dealer for automatic egg incubator for sale.best automatic egg incubator is the one that works best.

Important tips for using egg incubators

Important tips for using egg incubatorsBefore buying an incubator, when you decide to start an incubation at home. The first step is to choose the right hatching eggs. Choose eggs that are first hatched from healthy herds and Selection of weak eggs will cause the incubation rate to drop sharply. The next point is in the shape and appearance of the eggs, you should select eggs that are visually free of bumps or fractures. Eggs should not be larger or smaller than normal.Since the incubator is responsible for the incubator, then you have to adjust the conditions so that everything goes smoothly. One small mistake can cause the chickens to die.Accurate maintenance and adjustment of temperature and humidity inside the incubator is the most important part of the incubation and incubation process. Changes in temperature and humidity are a short distance away from the success and failure of incubation, so these two important factors must be carefully examined. On average, the appropriate temperature for incubation is 37.5 ° C, the humidity should be adjusted to about 50-55% and the humidity should increase to 75-70% in the last two to three days of incubation period.

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