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best incubator for chicken eggs| A guide buyer for incubator

Since the beginning of man-made incubation, the purchase of a best incubator for chicken eggs has been an important factor. It’s been a long time since man invented the incubator. The work of the machines that transform the egg-laying birds into chickens is the same as old style and has not changed. The difference between past and new devices is only in their appearance. That is, the old incubator have become the modern automatic and digital machines. it is good to have a guide buyer for incubator which are fully automatic egg incubator.

best incubator for chicken eggs| A guide buyer for incubator

What is the best egg incubator to buy?

What is the best egg incubator to buy?Today’s machines are no longer just an incubator. Rather, it has become an electronic, mechanical, and sometimes complex instrument. The use of these accessories is due to better hatching and user comfort. Before buying an incubator, think about the capacity of your farm. Consider the capacity of the fertilized egg and the ability to procreate in each period. When purchasing an incubator, pay special attention to the power consumption of the device. The energy label has turned from a fantasy theme into an important factor in purchasing an incubator. Try to buy a fully automatic machine to handle incubation operations such as supply and adjustment of temperature and humidity, egg rotation and air conditioning of the machine, and you do not need to be at your side constantly. The device must support an emergency power system so you can plug it into a car battery or UPS in case of power failure to continue the incubation process without causing any damage to the chickens. Be careful with the quality of the device’s sensors before you buy. Using low-quality sensors means lower incubation efficiency and results in lowered income and loss! SHT sensors are a priority.

What humidity should my incubator be for chicken eggs?

What humidity should my incubator be for chicken eggs?Due to the heat in the machine, some water evaporates from the eggs. To prevent water evaporation and loss of lost moisture, there must be some moisture in the machine to prevent fetal loss. If the moisture content of the machine is low, the evaporation speeds up and the size of the airbags inside the egg increases, thus the chickens reach the air chamber sooner and, if high, the airbag expands later than usual (day 19) and the chickens won’t be able to breath.  Now, it is a question: what humidity should my incubator be for chicken eggs?The incubation period varies with little or no moisture. The longer the chickens hatch, the sooner the eggs hatch. The oscillation causes the chickens to shrink and possibly cause abnormalities in the body. The humidity of the machine depends on its temperature or temperature. If the temperature of the machine is 37.7 ° C, its oxygen is 20%, the carbon gas concentration is 0.5% and the air velocity is 12 cm / min, the best incubation efficiency will be 61%.

How cold can eggs get and still hatch?

How cold can eggs get and still hatch?When buying an incubator, pay attention to the quality of good circular fans. One of the main parts of the incubator is the circular fan, or permanent work fan. It is the most important piece in the incubator. You have to be very careful about its quality because if you make the wrong choice, you will have trouble. The best fans are the type of centrifuges, or radials, that are introduced in the blower and backbone types. Radial fans are the best fan for incubator because in addition to high performance, they have the lowest noise when working. For the first time in the world, the body of the hatchery is made of the components of a special (interchangeable) monomer and is PVC coated. The body of all hatcheries available on the market is double glazed and usually spreads bacteria and fungi to the middle wall and multiply there. Since there is no access to disinfecting the middle wall of the machine, the efficiency of the device decreases by up to 90% after several incubation steps. Monomeric compounds are very good thermal and acoustic insulation and can maintain the temperature inside the machine and create ideal conditions for eggs. Monomeric cabinets as the best cabinet incubator do not absorb thermal energy, but in metal and wood systems some of the thermal energy is used to heat the body of the device.The temperature of the incubator is supplied by the element or lamp or oil or gas lamps. The heating system must be such that heat reaches the entire machine.The temperature of the incubation chamber should be between 0-7 degrees. This temperature does not cause much heat change in the device if the temperature of the device drops for some reason.

Price range of domestic egg incubators

Price range of domestic egg incubatorsThere are many factors that influence the price of an incubator. We have listed the most important of these factors in the following. We have explained some of each. Factors affecting the cost of an incubator are the quality of each parts, warranty and after sales service, device Size (large or small) and incubator brand or manufacturer. The cheap incubator for chicken eggs are available in the market. They are divided into three categories: home incubator, semi-industrial incubator, industrial incubator. In fact, higher capacity (industrial) incubators are more cost effective than smaller ones. Buy from a factory that has a dealership in your city or province This will benefit you in a variety of ways. It will not slow down and in addition, having an active and reputable manufacturing plant in your city guarantees to provide after-sales service and warranty. It also makes it easy for you to send a hatchery or a fertilized egg to your imagination and also sells the fake device to you near zero.

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